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"Get Turned On" Flyer

A promotional flyer for Dyke TV.

"Lesbians and Literature" panel discussion at MLA conference, undated (Tape 1)

Preceded by short presentation from representative of the recently vandalized Diana Press. Speakers, in order of appearance: moderator Julia Stanley (unnamed on tape); Mary Daly; Audre Lorde (11:38 into Side B); Judith McDaniel; Adrienne Rich.…

(Editorial) Dyke TV is hateful? Prove it

An email sent by David B. O'Donnell containing text from a June 19, 1995 article in the Colorado Daily called "Dyke TV is hateful? Prove it" by Richard Cendo. According to the article, Melanie J. Schurr refers to Dyke TV as a hate show due to its…

ACTG Meetings with Sten Vermund, Tape 2 of 2

Meeting between ACTG [AIDS Clinical Trials Group] and Sten Vermund discussing Women with HIV/AIDS and the clinical trials and drug testing, as well as treatment options and the future of their work.

AIDS Clinical Trials Group

Women from ACT UP LA and some gay men who worked with them, attending the AIDS Clinical Trials Groups Meetings in Washington, D.C.

Alma Routsong, Tape 1 of 2, January 20, 1990

Alma Routsong is interviewed in New York in 1990. She discusses her early experiences of being a lesbian and coming out. She explains how lesbian literature of the time informed her about DOB and influenced her to leave her husband and move to New…

Alma Routsong, Tape 2 of 2, January 20, 1990

Alma Routsong is interviewed in New York in 1990. She discusses DOB groups and events, as well as the demise of DOB.
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Amazon Autumn, Tape 2 of 2, 1986

Footage of an event held in 1986. Both Deborah Edel and Judith Schwarz are featured sitting at a table for the Lesbian Herstory Archives and are handing out information about lesbian herstory in general and the archives more specifically. Joan Nestle…