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Don't Ask Don't Tell Protest Footage

This video is documentation of a demonstration protesting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The protest occurred on September 23, 1993 outside a fundraiser for the then prospective mayor of New York David Dinkins in which Bill Clinton was speaking. This…

Housing Works and Dyke TV Report from World AIDS Day, 1995

A Dyke TV report on World AIDS Day from New York City Hall. The event is a commemoration and demonstration memorializing New Yorkers who have died of AIDS, and a protest against budget cuts that will impact AIDS education, prevention, and services.…
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Nikki Nichols, Tape 2 of 2, May 14, 1987

Nikki Nichols talks about The Ladder and its role in lesbian history, and gives her thoughts about which leaders loomed large in the DOB. She brings up the Act or Teach “controversy” of the early 60s. She mentions problems with drug culture in…

Rose Jordan, Tape 1, May 23, 1993

Rose Jordan discusses her involvement with women’s political organizations and feminist groups and the schism that existed between 2 generations of lesbian women.
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Arcus Flynn, Tape 1 of 1, November 1, 1987

Arcus Flynn discusses her early life and her struggle with isolation and depression, her eventual discovery of the Daughters of Bilitis meetings and the community and friendships she found there. Arcus talks about the early importance of roles…

Rose Jordan Selected Quotes

Rose Jordan discusses her involvement with the New York chapter of the Daughters of Bilitis, as well as her involvement with other women’s political organizations and feminist groups.