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San Francisco Dyke March and Gay Pride Footage, 1995

This footage shows events and gatherings from the third annual San Francisco Dyke March on June 18, 1995, themed "A World Without Borders." It includes several women giving brief speeches before the march begins on topics such as domestic violence…

Don't Ask Don't Tell Protest Footage

This video is documentation of a demonstration protesting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The protest occurred on September 23, 1993 outside a fundraiser for the then prospective mayor of New York David Dinkins in which Bill Clinton was speaking. This…

Discrimination at Clark's Corner Restaurant Interview

A woman reports about discrimination and threats she and her girlfriend faced when they kissed at a restaurant in Brooklyn Heights. She talks about the “kiss in” she and the Lesbian Avengers were having restaurant in protest. She also talks…

Housing Works and Dyke TV Report from World AIDS Day, 1995

A Dyke TV report on World AIDS Day from New York City Hall. The event is a commemoration and demonstration memorializing New Yorkers who have died of AIDS, and a protest against budget cuts that will impact AIDS education, prevention, and services.…

Dyke March Compilation

This video is a compilation of edited footage of Dyke Marches from 1993-2001: the 1993 Dyke March in Washington D.C.; the 1993 Dyke March in New York City; the 1994 Dyke March in New York City; the 1995 Dyke March in New York City; the 1999 Dyke…

Being a Lesbian Woman in Yugoslavia Interview

This is an interview with Jelena Topalović* about being a queer woman in Yogoslavia during the Yugoslav Wars. She discusses nationalism of the Serbian government, women’s rights, and social attitudes toward homosexuality. Topalović discusses the…

Women in ACT UP Organizing Meeting

Women in an ACT UP organizing meeting strategize how to recruit activists to grow their community and perform inclusive outreach to support different needs, specifically with connecting healthcare professionals with subjects.

ACTG Meetings with Sten Vermund, Tape 2 of 2

Meeting between ACTG [AIDS Clinical Trials Group] and Sten Vermund discussing Women with HIV/AIDS and the clinical trials and drug testing, as well as treatment options and the future of their work.

Meeting between ACT UP and CDC about changing the definition of AIDS: Tape 2 of 2

Meeting at the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia between representatives of ACT UP and CDC Officials about changing the Centers for Disease Control's definition of AIDS to include infections that women and injection drug users were getting.