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Bachelorettes, Side B, September 5, 1981

The sound recording is women singing the old hymn "Down in the River" with the words changed slightly. The rest of the recording is the women singing various songs.

LHA Daughters of Bilitis Video Project: Edith Eyde, Tape 2 of 2, October 25, 1988

Edith Eyde continues to discuss her experiences in California, interacting with others who were vested in the same interests surrounding lesbian culture, and being proactive in literature and the arts.

LHA Daughters of Bilitis Video Project: Edith Eyde, Tape 1 of 2, October 25, 1988

Edith Eyde talks about her life growing up in rural southern California, moving to Los Angelos and discovering the lesbian culture there. She discusses publishing Vice Versa, one of the first lesbian magazines, and her music career.

LHA Daughters of Bilitis Video Project: Lois Johnson and Sheri Barden, Tape 1 of 2, April 1, 1989

The interview begins with Lois Johnson, who discusses when she realized that she was a lesbian, which caused her to move out to California and take a job in journalism. It was there that she met a woman who eventually became her lover, and they used…

Lou, October 21, 1981 (Tape 2)

Lou discusses her experience raising children as a lesbian woman, discussing at length her love of children, and wanting them to have a better life then she did. She also discusses her experience with police harassment as both a black women, and a…

Mabel at 85 (Tape 1)

Interview of Mabel Hampton. Mabel discusses her life with Lillian Foster, the lesbian movement, and performing and singing.

Mabel's Parties / Mabel Hampton, 1981 (Tape 1)

Oral History interview dated . Side A: Mabel talks about the parties she attended, the atmosphere, the people she met and the music she listened to. She also speaks in detail about romantic relationships with specific women and her first love from…

March on Washington / Pacifica Program Service, 1979 (Tape 2 of 4)

The second of four recordings of Pacifica Radio coverage of the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights on October 14, 1979. Musical performances by Mary Watkins, Meg Christian, and Holly Near. Speeches by Ray Hill and Charles Law.

Mary T., July 7, 1978 (Tape 2)

Mary describes the bar scene, parties, fashion, music, bar layouts, and fights at Bingo's and Carousel bars.