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Barbara Grier, Tape 5 of 7, November 27, 1987

The majority of this video depicts Barbara and her partner, Donna McBride, going through photo albums and images of Barbara’s childhood, her family, and then her later years with Donna. Some topics that come up include Helen Bennett, Barbara’s…

Lou, October 21, 1981 (Tape 2)

Lou discusses her experience raising children as a lesbian woman, discussing at length her love of children, and wanting them to have a better life then she did. She also discusses her experience with police harassment as both a black women, and a…

Debra, February 20, 1980 (Tape 2)

Discusses her child, a son. He was the product of her one-day marriage. She kept him for about 8 months and then her brother and his wife took him and raised him. He would spend the summers with her until he was 12 and then he lived with her and…

Buff, October, 1978

Talks about community tattoos, race, being butch, the challanges of identity and expectations. Touches on past sexual abuse by her father, gender roles, identity, learning about gay life and her discovery process, friendship, clothing and identity,…

Mabel Hampton, Lillian Foster, 1976 (Tape 1)

Audio cassette. Oral History Interview of Mabel Hampton. Mabel discusses her first girlfriend, a white woman she met while working at a girl's school. She also discusses her three year relationship with a married woman she worked for as a domestic…

Power, Oppression and the Politics of Culture: A Lesbian/Feminist Perspective; Fourth Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, 1978, 25 August. (Tape 3 of 3)

Audio recording of a panel presentation at the Fourth Berkshire Conference on the History of Women. The session entitled "Power, Oppression and the Politics of Culture: A Lesbian/Feminist Perspective" included Audre Lorde

Third World Lesbian Writers Conference featuring Audre Lorde, Yvonne Flowers, and Robin Christian, 1979 (Tape 1)

Audio recording of the Third World Lesbian Writers Conference that took place on March 24, 1979. This is one of two tapes from the workshop, the second tape is missing. This is a workshop with Audre Lorde, Yvonne Flowers, and Robin Christian. …

"Lesbians and Literature" panel discussion at MLA conference, undated (Tape 1)

Preceded by short presentation from representative of the recently vandalized Diana Press. Speakers, in order of appearance: moderator Julia Stanley (unnamed on tape); Mary Daly; Audre Lorde (11:38 into Side B); Judith McDaniel; Adrienne Rich.…

Conflicts in the Black Lesbian Community, Brooklyn NY, organized by the Committee on the Visibility of the Other Black Woman (Tape 1 of 3)

Event organized by the Committee for the Visibility of the Other Black Woman. Audre Lorde moderates community discussion and dialogue including issues of identity, cross cultural conflicts, classism, and ageism. She also introduces panelists'…