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Barbara Grier, Tape 7, November 27, 1987

This video consists of a brief interview with Grier’s partner, Donna McBride, and then follows a discussion Grier leads on her book collection, favorite authors, and publishing experience. She and McBride talk about Naiad press and its successes…

Linda Lopez, Tape 2 of 2, October 22, 1988

Linda Lopez is interviewed in 1988. She talks about the impact of the Dallas DOB in Dallas and beyond, how it inspired activism and other organizations. She talks about Rob [Shivers]' leadership and its role in DOB's strength. She discusses Dallas…

Ann II, October 23, 1980 (Tape 2 of 2)

Ann describes what she looked for in a women. Discusses the clothing change among lesbian women. Explains some of her relationship experience with women.

Stella Stone, April, 1978 (Tape 1)

Stella describes growing up in a broken home, and having to take on a lot of responsibilities. Explains her curiosity in women as she got older. Later, she discusses how her bisexuality made her feel different than everyone.

Judy, January 6 [year unknown] (Tape 2)

Judy talks about her relationships with three different women and the role they each played in the relationship. She talks about gender identities, and one relationship with a woman who wanted to be a man and had very mixed gender roles. She talks…

Anita, November 16, 1978 (Tape 1)

Anita talks about her first encounters with a relationship with a woman. She then speaks about the difficulties of raising her child. She also talks about the roles of Butch and Fem.

Shane, undated (Tape 2)

Shane talks about running away from home with two girls after her father forced her to leave home. She then lived as a man in New Orleans under an assumed identity. She was arrested and held for 72 hours on suspicion of robbery. She recalls the…

Bobbie, June 30, 1984 (Tape 2)

Bobbie speaks on the nature of her various relationships, including patterns of sex and co-habitation, being confused about her significant other identifying as a man in public, she addresses the existence of her children, using men after prison to…