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Shane, undated (Tape 2)

Shane talks about running away from home with two girls after her father forced her to leave home. She then lived as a man in New Orleans under an assumed identity. She was arrested and held for 72 hours on suspicion of robbery. She recalls the…

Bobbie, June 30, 1984 (Tape 2)

Bobbie speaks on the nature of her various relationships, including patterns of sex and co-habitation, being confused about her significant other identifying as a man in public, she addresses the existence of her children, using men after prison to…

Elaine, June 28, 1982 (Tape 2)

Discussion on early childhood, being Canadian but growing up on an Indian Reservation near Syracuse. Also discusses being the head of a black gang, her relationship with her mother and abusive stepfather, and the jail time she spent for his murder,…

March on Washington, October 14, 1979 (Tape 4)

Rally mediated by Audre Lorde given at the March on Washington on October 1979. Speech topics include rights of LGBT prisoners, parents, immigrants, and atheists.

Mabel Hampton (Tape 1)

Side A: Mabel Hampton describes meeting other lesbians and associating with other women "in the life". Also discussed is her experience during the 1920s of being set up and sentenced to serve three years for a fabricated prostitution charge at the…

Mabel Hampton's Story, July, 1986 (Tape 4)

Mabel describes her life after being released from Bedford Hills, relationships with women in the early 20th century, economic and working situation, and more details about her family history (including the murder of her mother, the death of her…

Mabel Hampton's Story, July, 1986 (Tape 3)

Mabel describes her 1923 arrest (at age 18) and term at Bedford Hills Prison, and the period shortly thereafter.