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  • 01 SPW 1867 - Bay Area Reporter - Deborah, Ruthie + Connie - 6_29_01.mp3

    In this interview with an unknown reporter, Ruth Berman and Connie Kurtz discuss their lives in context with the recent documentary about their life directed by Deborah Dickson, who is also interviewed.

    Ruth and Connie discuss how they met, their early activism within their communities, being married to men and having families, and their eventual falling in love with one another and coming out as Lesbians. They discuss their relationships with their families then and now, and the importance of coming out of the closet.

    Deborah talks about her process when working in this film, and how she tried to make the film for both gay and striaght audiences
  • SPW527.jpg

    Shane talks about running away from home with two girls after her father forced her to leave home. She then lived as a man in New Orleans under an assumed identity. She was arrested and held for 72 hours on suspicion of robbery. She recalls the people she met during her stay in jail.
  • SPW526_SHANE.jpg

    Shane talks about getting into trouble during her teenage years and how her father kept sending her to all-girls schools thinking it would straighten her out. She speaks about gay bars in Buffalo and Pittsburgh. She tells a story about running away from home to pursue a relationship, ending up involved with hustlers and begging her father to help her stay out of jail. She talks about moving back to Buffalo, getting a job, and how things have changed.
  • spw1161_A.mp3

    Rally mediated by Audre Lorde given at the March on Washington on October 1979. Speech topics include rights of LGBT prisoners, parents, immigrants, and atheists.
  • spw1158_B.mp3

    Tape 1 of 4 of a collection of cassette recordings of the NPR/Pacifica Radio national broadcast of coverage of the 1979 Washington DC march and rally for gay rights. Side A includes speeches by Robin Tyler, Troy Perry, Adelle Starr, and Michiko Cornell, as well as brief interviews with spectators in the crowd. Topics covered on side A include general theme of gay rights, as well as advocacy for gay youth and gay Asian Americans. Side B includes speeches by Rene McCoy, Bill Blish, Arly Scott, Maria Diaz, and Steve Alt, as well as brief interviews with spectators in the crowd. Topics covered include general gay/civil rights themes, advocacy for promotion of parental support for gay/lesbian children and discussion of Mayor Berry decision to declare "Gay/Lesbian Awareness Week". Side B. also also includes the song, "Not Anymore", (performed by Celebration).
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