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About the LHA Herstories

The Lesbian Herstory Archives is dedicated to collecting and preserving history pertaining to the lesbian community. Located in Brooklyn, New York, the Lesbian Herstory Archives is not only one of the oldest archives dedicated to the history of lesbians but one of the largest, housing more than 10,000 volumes, 1,400 periodicals, 12,000 photographs, 500 pulp novels, and many collections of original manuscripts and personal archival material.

This website contains select digitized materials from the LHA collection and was developed by graduate students at Pratt Institute School of Information. If you have any questions for us or feedback on our project, we welcome your comments. Please contact us at

For more information please visit the LHA official website.

Voices of LHA 

Voices of LHA is an oral history recording that documents the history and legacy of the Lesbian Herstory Archives. Members of LHA recite the LHA Statement of Purpose from 1974. This is followed by the reading of quotes (with multiple, unidentified readers) from appreciative visitors of LHA. 

Voices of LHA