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The Lesbian Herstories Archives Audio/Visual Collections contains digitized copies of some of the 3,000 oral herstory cassettes in the Archives’ Spoken Word Collection and 950 videotapes in the Video Collection. This comprises over 385 hours of digitized content on the site. Read more...

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Lambda Legal Forum #4

This video depicts a panel discussion between Rosalyn Richter, the then Executive Director and attorney for Lambda Legal, and Rhonda Copelon, the then…

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Tiny Davis Interview

A portion of the 1988 documentary entitled "Tiny & Ruby: Hell Divin' Women", which was made by Jezebel Productions as a tribute to Tiny Davis and…

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Anti-Lesbian Violence Lesbian HERstory Archives 10-30-82 #1 Cutaways #1 of 6

This is a recording of assorted clippings regarding women's safety.
Note: No Audio.

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Gay Rights Bill Council Hearings

This is a gay rights hearing with speakers arguing both in favor and opposed to the proposed bill. Those in favor urged the council to allow the…

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