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The Lesbian Herstories Archives Audio/Visual Collections contains digitized copies of some of the 3,000 oral herstory cassettes in the Archives’ Spoken Word Collection and 950 videotapes in the Video Collection. This comprises over 385 hours of digitized content on the site. Read more...

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Lesbian Nation (1974-04-02)

This recording begins with announcements for upcoming poetry readings located throughout New York City. The next segment is a pre-recorded interview…


Lesbian Nation (1973-10-22)

Martha Shelley and Lois Chaffee discuss the Women’s Liberation Center and an ongoing dispute over its occupancy of 243 West 20th St., as a family…


Lesbian Nation (1973-10-29)

Martha Shelley interviews authors Rita Mae Brown and Blanche Boyd about growing up in the American South, publishing their work with the independent…


Lesbian Nation (1974-01-14)

Martha Shelley plays a Lavender Jane song to open the episode and reads a series of local announcements. In the second part of a three-episode…


Lesbian Nation (1974-01-21)

The episode opens with a song from Lavender Jane. Then in the final part of a three-episode interview, Martha Shelley brings back Florynce Kennedy to…


Kate Millett, "Since Sexual Politics"

Martha Shelley speaks with Kate Millett, author ofSexual Politics, about a wide range of subjects that includes the Angela Davis trial of 1971,…

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