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Welcome to the Lesbian Herstories Archives Audio/Visual Collections! The LHA was founded in the early 1970s to gather and preserve records of Lesbian lives and activities. These collections represent a powerful record of decades of activism, art, and Lesbian culture. 

Recently Added Items


Cathay Che’s Performance at Dixon Place

Video recording of a spoken word performance art piece put on by Cathay Che at Dixon Place for an audience. Date of performance unknown.


Womansphere Hour, October 18, 1974

Taped radio program for the lesbian community.


Feminist Workshop, March 14, 1971

Recorded discussion regarding the defining features of lesbianism and the lesbian identity.


Feminist Workshop, February 18, 1971

Recorded discussion regarding what constitutes a lesbian and lesbian identity writ large.


Mabel Hampton Interview

This oral history interview begins with the title card “Our Faces Our Voices Our Words” and that the video is sponsored by The Lesbian Herstory…

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