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    Introduction of Mary Flowerpot followed by an interview where Martha Shelley and Mary Flowerpot compare and contrast the beginning of the GLF in the United Kingdom and discuss class distiniction, women in the workforce and the drag scene in Europe. Martha Shelley and Mary Flowerpot also read a letter a homophobic letter directed at Joe Johnston that was sent to the Village Voice. At end the episode, Martha Shelley answers phone calls from two lesbians about the firing of a lesbian speaker from WBAI.
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    DJ discusses her early experiences with women as a teenager, her feelings of being a tomboy, and her coming-out experience. She discusses her experiences in the bar scene in Buffalo in the 1950s, and describes ways in which women would interact with each other, but publicly and privately. DJ also discusses roles in relationships, particularly the butch and the femme.
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    Shane talks about the different lives she led during her youth. These different roles included working a job at Goodwill, dating and living with hookers on the weekends, and studying to become a Methodist minister as a man. She then talks about her current career as a trucker.
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    Shane talks about running away from home with two girls after her father forced her to leave home. She then lived as a man in New Orleans under an assumed identity. She was arrested and held for 72 hours on suspicion of robbery. She recalls the people she met during her stay in jail.
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