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Ruth Simpson, Tape 1 of 2, October 8, 1989

Ruth Simpson is interviewed in Woodstock, New York. She talks about her past experience dating men and falling in love. She discusses coming out and realizing her sexual orientation when she was doing theater in college.

Renee Shapiro, Tape 1 of 1, April 1, 1989

Renee Shapiro is interviewed April 1, 1989. She discusses joining the Daughters of Bilitis and the various group activities they did. Renee talks about her hands on experience with putting together plays and different group events.

Mabel Hampton, November 28, 1986 (Tape 1)

Mabel talks about her life at theater Lafayette on Coney Island in the 20s. She also talks about the dress code of her and her friends; also the language describing lesbians back in the 1920s.