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    Interviews and speeches from the demonstration at the Broadway opening of Miss Saigon organized by a coalition called "The Heat Is On 'Miss Saigon': Coaltion to End Racism and Sexism on Broadway".
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    Robin Morgan talks about the creation of the New York Radical Women group in 1967 (20-25 women), the male Left, working on the Atlantic city pageant demonstration 1968, and publishing the "Sisterhood Is Powerful: An Anthology of Writings from the Women's Liberation Movement" in 1970. She then reads a poem and uses poetry as a political tool, as well as asserts that the Women's Movement is fostering relations between different strata of US society. Morgan advocates for women to take control legally, health-wise, and become an international force. She states that rape and pornography affect all women and she depicts women as the largest and longest subjugated people. The Women's Movement will continue to prosper.
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    This is the same discussion as CoalitionofLaborUnionWomen_2, but without the additional music conversation. The CLUW interview also has additional questions (at around minute 21): "How can women get in touch with you?" and "How many women are involved in the DC chapter of CLUW?"
    Note: Audio has static throughout
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    This interview/discussion opens with "Frontier" by Cris Williamson. Pat Strand and Linda Osbourne are interviewed about the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) conference. They talk about how the women's unions and the coalition got their start. The effects of the conference on local unions is also talked about. The CLUW episode ends at 27 minutes. Note: At 27:20 the audio cuts to the middle of a conversation about women in music and the different challenges that are faced in male-dominated music spaces.
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    Audio opens with live coverage of women's tennis, moves on to women's athletics discussion with Billie Jean King. Discrimination against women in tennis and athletics overall is a main focus, centering specifically on pay disparities and lack of social support for participation in sports at all ages.
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    Women are interviewed about their experiences in sports, feminism in spots, and the struggles that women face when playing sports seriously at any level. This includes brief interview with Olympic swimmer Melissa Belote following 1972 Olympic wins, and ends with Althea Gibson introduction.
  • LC031_details(H).jpg

    Sloan is the President of the National Black Feminist Organization. She discussed NBFO’s mission to provide an organization for black feminists who felt the need to fight both sexism and racism at the same time. She discussed the formation of the organization and the eastern conference on black feminism.
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    In this installment of Lesbian Nation, Martha Shelley interviews women of the Women’s Lesbian Liberation Committee of the Gay Activists’ Alliance (GAA). Mary Flowerpot also hosts her comedy segment. In Shelley’s interview, the women discuss the emergence of the Lesbian Liberation Committee and their role within the GAA. They talk about what they have done to address issues of sexism in the GAA and how they try to maintain positive discourse with male members.
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