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    Radio Free Women episode about "class and culture and how it applies to the women's movement". Opens with "Good Morning Heartache" by Diana Ross. Actual audio is an interview of performing duo. A majority of the audio is consists of casual conversation amongst friends.
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    Martha Shelley interviews lesbian students from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale about a number of topics including lesbian publishing, local environmental concerns, and student activism. Mary Flowerpot opens the show with another funny segment before Shelley comes on to address more serious topics. The students discuss a recent incident involving unwarranted police brutality against a local student group (trigger warning).
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    In this installment of Lesbian Nation, Martha Shelley interviews women of the Women’s Lesbian Liberation Committee of the Gay Activists’ Alliance (GAA). Mary Flowerpot also hosts her comedy segment. In Shelley’s interview, the women discuss the emergence of the Lesbian Liberation Committee and their role within the GAA. They talk about what they have done to address issues of sexism in the GAA and how they try to maintain positive discourse with male members.
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    This recording of the “Women’s Showcase” is the second part of three from the NYU hosted event, Women Against Rape. The opening of the recording features the conclusion of Alice McIntyre’s poetry reading. This part features poetry read by Daniella Guiseppe, Davita Singer and Margie Fine and a comic autobiographical story from Karen Mendelsohn. There are also musical performances by Rosemary Mclaughlin and a self composed piano piece from Elieen Kane, a WBAI radio host.
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    This video features comedian Georgia Ragsdale. The video includes clips from an interview and stand up footage from one of Ragsdale’s performances. She discusses the way she approaches her work and being out as a comedian. Ragsdale explains that for her, “Being out as a comic isn't a choice, because as a stand up comedian all you have is your worldview, your perspective on life and your life and the people around you, so I don’t see how you have a choice to be in or out if you're a stand up comedian.” She also reminisces about her first hour long show when circumstances forced her to come up with enough material in a very short period of time.
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    This video serves as a valuable resource to understand what a full episode of Dyke TV would have looked like when it aired. In addition to a segment titled, “From the Archives,” which spotlights the experience of lesbians in Harlem, and further illustrates the community presence outside of the well documented activism surrounding Stonewall. Next was an “Arts” segment, in which filmmaker Su Friedrich discusses her background and experience making films. Finally, there are two segments of “I was a Lesbian Child,” a segment which is represented in clips on this site. These segments aimed to normalize the lesbian experience; interviewees discuss their childhoods and showcase childhood photos. The video closes with credits, contact information, and a Public Service Announcement about street harassment.
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    In the second part of this two part interview, Lois Johnson discusses expressing herself emotionally, and how she repressed her anger initially, unlike Sheri, who would often explode, leading to a lot of crying in the early part of their relationship. However, she continues to believe in love and commitment, and credits Sheri for having a great sense of humor Sheri Barden also talks about her businesses, including a bed and breakfast, which houses many lesbians. The two then reminisce on what they have in common, including their love of cats.
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