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LHA Daughters of Bilitis Video Project: Carole Morton, Tape 1 of 1, October 21, 1988

Carole Morton discusses her discovery of Daughters of Bilitis and her activism on behalf of lesbian mothers.

Buff, September 23, 1979

Talks about dating a prostitute, lesbian prostitutes, lesbians and butches having sex with men, lesbian pregnancy, clothing styles,

Dorothy, October 26, 1981 (Tape 2)

Side A

Dorothy discusses how women met one another, sexuality, and her various relationships. Particular focus is on her 10 year relationship with her girlfriend during the mid 1950s to mid 1960s.

Side B

Dorothy discusses how she feels…

Pat G., May 21, 19?? (Tape 1)

Side A: Pat discusses her experiences as an African American lesbian. She developed friendships and relationships with both white and black gay women in the 1950s. She denies there were any racial tension in the Buffalo lesbian community; Pat says…

Mary Ann, October 15, 1988 (Tape 1)

Side A: Mary Ann discusses her experiences going out in public with her girlfriends, and the treatment they receive at restaurants, bars, and on the street. She mentions that their public treatment is very often instigated by the masculine way her…