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    A video about the relationships and bonds among members of the Women's Graphics Collective. The Collective produced posters addressing the struggles of the women's movement and other political movements, including the United Farm Workers organized a boycott on non-union lettuce and grape farmers.
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    Martha Shelley and Lois Chaffee discuss the Women’s Liberation Center and an ongoing dispute over its occupancy of 243 West 20th St., as a family services group has tried to claim the space for themselves. Following their conversation, Martha Shelley reads aloud two letters from listeners, one a gay senior at Stuyvesant High School and the other a student at Sarah Lawrence College. Trigger warning: bullying, homophobic slurs.
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    Oral history recording of Joan Nestle. Side A: Joan Nestle speaks about lesbian self-expression and the importance of language to identity. She goes on to talk about her early life and how she was motivated to take a stand against the oppression she saw around her in society, specifically oppression against women and lesbians. Side B: Mabel Hampton takes over as the main speaker and recounts her life story, beginning when she was only one month old. Mabel discusses her early years, including the crucial transition from living with her grandmother to living with her aunt, and how she eventually decided to run away to Jersey City.
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