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Astraea, Tape 1 of 1

Short clips of several interviews with various members of the Daughters of Bilitius about their experiences with the group and being a lesbian in the 1950s and thereafter.

Enit, October 3, 1978 (Tape 2)

Enit discusses how her perception of Lesbian oppression has changed over time. She also talks about acceptance in the work place and how professionals view Lesbians. Enit explains that her personal interests have changed with age and that her hobby…

Mabel Hampton, 1982 (Tape 1)

Side A: Some discussion of when Mabel first heard the word lesbian, her experiences as a dancer. Side B: Mable describes her experiences caring for children, finding freedom as a child, running away from her aunt and uncle to New Jersey to live with…

Pat and DJ, November 11, 1986 (Tape 3)

Side A: Pat and DJ discuss the characteristics of femme identity. The interviewers say they are looking to interview more femmes, which leads to a discussion of the names and locations of lesbians who were a part of the community in the 1940s. The…

Linda, November 19, 1978 (Tape 1)

Linda talks about her relationships and the idea there are no longer clearly defined lesbian roles (i.e. butch and femme) in relationships, as there were when she first came out in the 1960s. She describes her family life growing up and when she…