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    Jean Ko Stewart is interviewed in Boston in 1989. She discusses her early relationships with women and coming out. She speaks about her role as the Vice President of the Boston chapter, which involved organizing dances and concerts and a focus on providing a community space for lesbians. She compares the political and social climate of California and Boston, and considers Boston’s racial climate at the time. Jean explains that she moved to California because she heard that women wore slacks to work, which was considered unacceptable in Boston in the 1960s.
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    Andy discusses the history of gay rights in Buffalo, New York, and describes how it feels like to be open about her sexual identity. She shares some of her childhood and early adulthood experiences in the 1950s and 60s –her first relationships and confronting the risk of losing her job. Other topics discussed include the gay and lesbian bar scene, raids, prostitution, butch and femme roles, and Andy’s experience within the African American gay community.
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