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    Marcia Danub and Linda Daniels speak with Eleanor Cooper, spokeswoman for Lesbian Feminist Liberation, and Jean O'Leary, Legislative Coordinator, Board for the (then) National Gay Taskforce. LGBTQ+ and women’s rights activists were looking to repeal laws criminalizing homosexuality. Sodomy bills in the 1970s were explicitly written to target gay people, causing fear in the LGBTQ+ in their professional and personal lives. Intro 554 was one of many forms of the NYC Gay Rights Bill, which was passed in 1986, banning discrimination because of sexual orientation. Cooper and O'Leary provide information about the way these laws affect the lives of lesbians and how to participate in the repeal of sodomy laws and support the passing of Intro 554.
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    In this interview, Marcia Danab, the host, talks to two members of Olivia Records: Ginny Berson, and Meg Christian. Berson and Christian talk about how they created their record label, as well as the challenges that they faced as a company made by women for women. They both talk about the struggles that they have faced in the music industry as women in regard to gaining ownership, being paid, being taken seriously as artists, and making music that is specific to the female experience and understanding. Olivia Records was founded in 1973 and played an important role within the gay rights and counterculture movements of the time. Notable artists they represented were Tret Fure, Kay Gardner, Leslie Ann Jones, BeBe K'Roche, Pat Parker, and Cris Williamson. Due to declining sales, Olivia Records became Olivia Cruises and Resorts, a lesbian vacation company, in 1990.
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