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Dyke TV Does 100! Invitation

An invitation for the Dyke TV Does 100! Cocktail Party & 100th Show Screening at Joy Tomchin and Baby Evan's home.

Mabel Hampton, 1988 (Tape 1)

Mabel discusses her early life as a lesbian in the Village between the two world wars, including the rooming house where she lived and the parties she attended. She describes how women dressed, what they ate at the parties, what they did at the…

Mabel Hampton - The Twenties and Life With Lillian (Tape 1)

Oral history interview of Mabel Hampton. Mabel Hampton reminisces about her life in the early 1920s. Mabel talks about going to Coney Island, cabarets, and various parties around New York City where women could meet other women. She discusses her…

Mabel Hampton Interviews (Tape 1)

Oral history interview of Mabel Hampton. Mabel discusses "slumming party" where she first met A'Lelia Walker, and what it was like being gay during the 1930s.



Mabel Hampton with Joan Nestle (Tape 1)

Oral history interview of Mabel Hampton. Mabel discusses lesbian marriage in the 1930s and 1940s, including stories of women getting married and where the ceremonies were. She tells stories about women she knew who had husbands and families,…

Mabel's Parties / Mabel Hampton, 1981 (Tape 1)

Oral History interview dated . Side A: Mabel talks about the parties she attended, the atmosphere, the people she met and the music she listened to. She also speaks in detail about romantic relationships with specific women and her first love from…