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Lou, October 21, 1981 (Tape 2)

Lou discusses her experience raising children as a lesbian woman, discussing at length her love of children, and wanting them to have a better life then she did. She also discusses her experience with police harassment as both a black women, and a…

Mabel Talks for Joan's Slide Show / Mabel Hampton; Joan Nestle (Tape 1)

Oral history interview of Mabel Hampton. Mabel discusses meeting her partner Lillian Foster in 1932, whom she was with for 40 years until her passing in 1979. Mabel also mentions highlights of her professional career including performing at the…

Mabel Speaks / Talks About Helen / Mabel Hampton; Joan Nestle, (Tape 1)

Oral history interview with Mabel Hampton. Side A: Mabel discusses relationships she had with married women. She also discusses what she wore at the time [when she was in her early 20s] and about her feelings about the openness of lesbians today. …