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    This video depicts a panel discussion between Rosalyn Richter, the then Executive Director and attorney for Lambda Legal, and Rhonda Copelon, the then an attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights and law professor at CUNY Law School moderated by David A.J. Richards, a teacher of Constitutional Law and Legal Philosophy at NYU School of Law .

    The speakers discuss values and gay rights issues through the context of individual choice versus choice that brings harm. Richter and Copelon discuss and answer questions about Roe v. Wade and housing for queer youth. The video then cuts to a document entitled "Anti Gay Legislation: an Attempt to Sanction Inequality." An individual then holds up a Lambda document entitled “Court Approves Gay Adoption.”
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    In this oral history conducted by the Rossmoor Lesbian Social Club, Liz Salen discusses her early feelings of attraction to girls, her experience having girlfriend at her Hebrew high school, remaining closeted through college and the beginning of law school and her ultimate coming out process and her family's reaction after her sister had also come out as a lesbian. She speaks about her work in her private law practice counseling non-profit activist organizations including OUT Week, ACT UP, and other queer focused organizations, becoming a mother with her partner's biological child, her own pregnancy journey and complications, and adopting a son. She discusses her daughters coming out to her as non-binary and moving to Rossmoor with her partner.

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    In this episode of Radio Free Women, three members of the National Organization for Women (NOW), discuss the state of abortion after the passage of Roe v. Wade. Mary Bailey (coordinator of the NOW Abortion Coalition), Mary Helen Bloom (member of the national area chapter of NOW), and Mary Garrison (President of the Montgomery NOW chapter) discuss threats to the landmark ruling. They also discuss how women are excluded for the conversation around abortion, as well as where states have the right to regulate and balance issues of state interests with consideration of women's health.
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    The interview begins with Judith Schwarz and her recollections of the late 1950s and early 1960s, and how she knew of women who were hesitant to join Daughters of Bilitis, as they simply wanted to meet women at the bar, and feared their names appearing with labels publicly. She also discusses how women were hesitant to receive mail from Daughters of Bilitis for the same reason. She also talks about her first woman lover, and the circumstances that led to that.
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    Modern Language Association Conference in Chicago, December 1977. Lesbian Feminist Poetry Reading featuring six poets. Side A includes Joan Larkin, Barbara Smith and Diedre McCalla. Side B includes Melanie Kaye, Adrienne Rich and Audre Lorde; Audre Lorde appears at 28:07 on SPW1151_B (Side B).
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