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  • 030-09_sf-pride-1995_a_c.mp4

    This footage shows events and gatherings from the third annual San Francisco Dyke March on June 18, 1995, themed "A World Without Borders." It includes several women giving brief speeches before the march begins on topics such as domestic violence and gay communities in South Africa. California State Senator Carole Migden and Assistant Secratoary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Roberta Achtenberg appear in the march. At the end of the march, Achtenberg gives a speech, and the singer Rozalla performs.
  • dyke-tv-compilation_a_c.mp4

    This video is a compilation of edited footage of Dyke Marches from 1993-2001: the 1993 Dyke March in Washington D.C.; the 1993 Dyke March in New York City; the 1994 Dyke March in New York City; the 1995 Dyke March in New York City; the 1999 Dyke March in New York City; the 2000 Dyke March in New York City; and the 2001 Dyke March in New York City. The video includes interviews with lesbians and individuals who are participating in the Dyke March and studio interviews with Kelly Cogswell, Maxine Wolfe, and Marlene Colburn. Lesbians participating in the march express their need for visibility, civil rights, and liberation on all fronts.
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