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  • 01 SPW 1876 - Now NYC July 5, 1991 - #2 - Ruthie, Connie, R. Dempsey - Protecting Families  - P.P. Legislation.mp3

    Audio starts with Ruth Berman talking to an audience about the importance of voting as a Lesbian and as an ally, an about the importance of being political and coming out as a gay person. She touches on the role of money and legality in domestic partnerships and the need to prove them. Ruth encourages the audience to join the National Organization for Women (NOW) to amplify their voices.

    10:00 mins into the tape, Rosemary Dempsey from NOW discusses the importance of legal tools to protect gay people and their families, ad how coming out is an important part of that process.

    Audio ends at 13:11, the rest of the tape is blank.

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