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  • Marlene Michelson Part 1.MOV

    In this oral history conducted by the Rossmoor Lesbian Social Club, Marlene Michelson discusses Her early realizations of her sexuality, her work at the Oakland tribune starting in 1962 which began her 30 year career as journalist, her marriage to a man and experience raising two children, her ultimate separation from her husband, and her subsequent introduction to the lesbian scene in the Bay Area. She also discusses her late coming out after she arrived at Rossmoor and the start of the Rossmoor Lesbian Social Club.
  • Bobbi and Janet.mov

    In this video, members and past presidents of the Rossmoor Lesbian Social Club give an introduction to their group and their oral history project. They discuss the history and growth of the group and their place in the larger Rossmoor community, and detail the events their group puts on.
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