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  • SPW541_OralHistPic.jpg

    Side A:

    Panel discussion on the history of the archives, including a brief introduction on how they gather information through different interview procedures within the Lesbian community in order to build the oral history project.

    Side B:

    Panel discussion continues with topic brought up in side A.
  • SPW506_Charlie.JPG

    Charlie talks about her life as a lesbian after twice being married to men. She discusses having two long committed lesbian relationships and the differing dynamics between her and those partners as a reflection of her age and comfort with herself. Charlie identifies as a Femme, and the Butch / Femme dynamic is explored. There is also discussion of her mother’s reaction to her lifestyle and the not somewhat non-forthcoming dynamic with her daughter.
    Note: To listen to this recording, please contact the Lesbian Herstory Archives to make an appointment.
  • SPW508_Liz Kennedy.JPG

    This tape is part of a roundtable discussion between different researchers working on aspects of lesbian social history. Liz Kennedy discusses the early stages of work on the Buffalo lesbian community and how the project was changing from strictly an oral history and becoming a book. She also talks about how the interview format and questions have changed as a result of the earlier attempts and how they were surprised by some of what they were beginning to learn.
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