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Crossing the Threshold: Lesbians on Marriage



Crossing the Threshold: Lesbians on Marriage


Gay couples
Lesbian couples
Lesbian couples--United States
Same-sex marriage
Same-sex marriage--United States


This segment shows interviews with several members of the lesbian community, including a lesbian couple, a lesbian lawyer, and a mother of a lesbian, discussing the possibility of gay marriage. Themes discussed include the ways that legal marriage can or can not legitimize gay relationships; the presence or absence of gay people’s desire to get married; legal protections that marriage can provide; whether or not it would encourage parents to accept gay children; alternatives to gay marriage including domestic partnerships and second parent adoptions; and imaginings of what a lesbian wedding ceremony would look like. Also mentioned around 1:30 is the mass wedding of gay couples that took place as a demonstration on the lawn of the Lincoln Memorial on April 25,1993. This event was part of the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation.


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