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March on Washington/Pacifica Program Service, 1979 (Tape 1 of 4)

Tape 1 of 4 of a collection of cassette recordings of the NPR/Pacifica Radio national broadcast of coverage of the 1979 Washington DC march and rally for gay rights. Side A includes speeches by Robin Tyler, Troy Perry, Adelle Starr, and Michiko…

Barbara Gittings and Kay Tobin, Tape 1 of 3, February 20, 1988

Barbara Gittings talks about her life and her history with the Daughters of Bilitis. She served as the National Corresponding Secretary for DoB, and helped run the NYC chapter when she was living in Philadelphia. Despite that, she frequently…

LHA Daughters of Bilitis Video Project: Jean Cordova, Tape 1 of 1, October 27, 1988

Jean Cordova discusses how the Daughters of Bilitis inspired her to change her career path and passions in life from aspirations of playing soft ball, to becoming highly involved in activism.

Workshop #4, Side B, April 20, 1971

The recording is from a workshop from April 20, 1971. The women are having an open discussion on honesty and trust within the group. The talk about how they feel about each other and how they handle being in Daughters of Bilitis.

For Toby by Shirley, Side A

This audio recording discusses the Daughters Of Bilitis New York City chapter. The main voice on the recording is a woman who was elected national president. She talks about her time as national president during the start of the Womens Rights…

Julie Lee, Tape 1 of 1, 1989

Julie Lee and her partner [Ginny] are interviewed in 1989. They discuss relationships, lesbian communities, activism and the civil rights movement. Julie talks about her role as secretary of the New York chapter of DOB and her roles in United…

Martha Shelley, Tape 1 of 1, June 24, 1989

Martha Shelley is interviewed in New York in 1989. She talks about being a lesbian in New York from the 1960s, the negative views of lesbians portrayed by psychologists, the bar scene, roles and her use of a pseudonym. She talks about finding DOB,…

Pamela Oline, Tape 1 of 1, [date unknown]

Pamela Oline is interviewed. She is heterosexual and talks about her path to and experience of being a member of DOB and campaigning for gay and lesbian rights. She describes her childhood growing up in England, moving to America when she was 14 and…

Ruth Simpson and Ellen Povill, Tape 2 of 2, October 8, 1989

Ruth Simpson and Ellen Povill are interviewed in Woodstock, New York. They talk about various movements, including civil rights, feminism and gay and lesbian rights. They describe the day a group of feminists were arrested at a demonstration and the…