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Dyke TV Episode

This video serves as a valuable resource to understand what a full episode of Dyke TV would have looked like when it aired. In addition to a segment titled, “From the Archives,” which spotlights the experience of lesbians in Harlem, and further…

Astraea Foundation Letter to Donors

A letter sent to individuals who have previously donated to Astraea, requesting renewed support.

Dyke TV Does 100! Invitation

An invitation for the Dyke TV Does 100! Cocktail Party & 100th Show Screening at Joy Tomchin and Baby Evan's home.

(Editorial) Dyke TV is hateful? Prove it

An email sent by David B. O'Donnell containing text from a June 19, 1995 article in the Colorado Daily called "Dyke TV is hateful? Prove it" by Richard Cendo. According to the article, Melanie J. Schurr refers to Dyke TV as a hate show due to its…

Dyke TV Promotional Card

A promotional card promoting Dyke TV.

Dyke TV Season Premier Flyer

A flyer advertising the 1995 fall season premier of Dyke TV, as well as related promotional events and requests for "Lesbian Child" segment participants.

Dyke TV Membership Letter, 1994

A letter requesting support for Dyke TV. The letter asks the recipient to consider becoming a member of the Dyke TV network of grass-roots lesbian television supporters.

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"Get Turned On" Flyer

A promotional flyer for Dyke TV.

Dyke TV Recruitment Flyer

A flyer advertising jobs at Dyke TV. Positions include camera operator, video editor, news writer/producer, fund-raiser, and public relations.