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  • Collection: Mabel Hampton

Mabel Hampton, Undated (Tape 1)

Mabel Hampton discusses, with Joan Nestle, gender identity, attraction, men, and marriage. Mabel Hampton also discusses nicknames she shared with Lillian Foster, including "Little Bear" and "Big Bear." They look at photographs and reminisce about…

Mabel Hampton, Morgan Gwenwald, Pam Hicks: Breakfast at Pam's, April 9, 1989 (Tape 2)

Pam Hicks and Morgan Gwenwald chat with Mabel Hampton over breakfast about mundane topics, including lost keys and colors. The three get in a car and try to find the cemetery where Mabel has purchased a plot to be buried in. They locate the cemetery,…

Mabel Hampton, Morgan Gwenwald, Pam Hicks: Breakfast at Pam's, April 9, 1989 (Tape 1)

Morgan Gwenwald visited Mabel Hampton at Pam Hicks' place. Over breakfast, they talked about the dreams Mabel had been having lately, how people thought about her. Morgan made plans to visit Lillian's cemetery with Mabel together and listened to a…

Mabel Hampton talks about Lillian and more, January, 1988 (Tape 1)

Mabel discusses meeting Lillian Foster, her wife, Lillian's childhood, and their life together in the community as well as various events they were a part of against the backdrop of World War II.

Mabel Hampton (Tape 1)

Side A: Mabel Hampton describes meeting other lesbians and associating with other women "in the life". Also discussed is her experience during the 1920s of being set up and sentenced to serve three years for a fabricated prostitution charge at the…

Mabel Hampton Life Stories, November 20, 1978 (Tape 1)

Mabel discusses the importance of lesbian writing and how she considers being a lesbian to be the most important aspect in shaping her life. She goes on to give a description of her childhood. She also describes the the girl with whom she had her…

Mabel, Madeline, and Joan, undated (Tape 1)

Oral history interview of Mabel Hampton. Mabel talks about Lilian Foster, her partner, that she has never dated any man, and is a feminine type of lady who likes to dress up.

Mabel Hampton, 1982 (Tape 1)

Side A: Some discussion of when Mabel first heard the word lesbian, her experiences as a dancer. Side B: Mable describes her experiences caring for children, finding freedom as a child, running away from her aunt and uncle to New Jersey to live with…

Mabel Hampton, 1988 (Tape 1)

Mabel discusses her early life as a lesbian in the Village between the two world wars, including the rooming house where she lived and the parties she attended. She describes how women dressed, what they ate at the parties, what they did at the…