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Stand-Alone Videos


Stand-Alone Videos


This collection holds unique, stand-alone videos that do not fall under specific collections in the digital archive. These can vary from performance art, documentaries, and other related videos.

Collection Items

  • 1ccf04e41beb8bf259ba109156872320.jpg

    Video recording of a spoken word performance art piece put on by Cathay Che at Dixon Place for an audience. Date of performance unknown.
  • vlcsnap-2023-12-12-13h07m41s090.png

    This oral history interview begins with the title card “Our Faces Our Voices Our Words” and that the video is sponsored by The Lesbian Herstory Educational Foundation Inc. Mabel Hampton talks about her life story, including memories of her childhood, lesbian friendships, and romantic relationships. The video ends with her singing, starting at 00:42:27.
  • mis_using_saigon_thumbnail.jpeg

    Interviews and speeches from the demonstration at the Broadway opening of Miss Saigon organized by a coalition called "The Heat Is On 'Miss Saigon': Coaltion to End Racism and Sexism on Broadway".
  • keep_your_laws_off_my_body_thumbnail.jpg

    Black and white recorded documentary video exploring themes of Lesbian relationships, the AIDS pandemic and the criminalization of LGBTQ+ media.
  • Screenshot (25).png

    This is a recording of assorted clippings regarding women's safety.
    Note: No Audio.
  • gayrightsbill_screenshot.png

    This is a gay rights hearing with speakers arguing both in favor and opposed to the proposed bill. Those in favor urged the council to allow the parliamentary process to move forward so the bill could be debated and voted on. They argued for equality under the law and the importance of respecting the process. Those opposed expressed concerns about the bill extending homosexual rights beyond government employment, potentially affecting private schools and rentals, and equating homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle. They maintained that homosexuality is not morally or socially equal to heterosexuality. Several speakers share personal life experiences. Eleanor Cooper is featured identifying herself as a spokesperson for Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights and a member of Lesbian Feminist Liberation.

    U-Matic tapes note that the recordings include the following speakers:
    Harrison Goldin
    Feather Keane
    David Dinkins
    Eleanor Cooper
    Abraham Modowitz
    female doctor
    Gay cop
    MOS audience
    Interview with Pat Bond
    Rabbi Dennis M
    Eugenia Lee Hancock
    Robert Selden (cut-off after 1 sentence)

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