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  • 34159_ca_object_representations_media_151_original.jpg

    Audre Lorde appears on Susan Howe's WBAI radio program "Poetry." She reads "Black Studies," "To My Daughter The Junkie On The Train," "To The Girl Who Lives In A Tree," "Song For A Thin Sister," "Oya," and "The Brown Menace" from her book New York Head Shop and Museum. On Side B, she reads newer poems including, "Solstice," "Dahomey," "Nobody Wants To Die On The Way," "School Note," and "Power."
  • spw1159_B.mp3

    The second of four recordings of Pacifica Radio coverage of the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights on October 14, 1979. Musical performances by Mary Watkins, Meg Christian, and Holly Near. Speeches by Ray Hill and Charles Law.
  • spw1158_B.mp3

    Tape 1 of 4 of a collection of cassette recordings of the NPR/Pacifica Radio national broadcast of coverage of the 1979 Washington DC march and rally for gay rights. Side A includes speeches by Robin Tyler, Troy Perry, Adelle Starr, and Michiko Cornell, as well as brief interviews with spectators in the crowd. Topics covered on side A include general theme of gay rights, as well as advocacy for gay youth and gay Asian Americans. Side B includes speeches by Rene McCoy, Bill Blish, Arly Scott, Maria Diaz, and Steve Alt, as well as brief interviews with spectators in the crowd. Topics covered include general gay/civil rights themes, advocacy for promotion of parental support for gay/lesbian children and discussion of Mayor Berry decision to declare "Gay/Lesbian Awareness Week". Side B. also also includes the song, "Not Anymore", (performed by Celebration).
  • DykeTVBeijing.pdf

    A fundraising letter asking for support for the Dyke TV Beijing Project to attend the NGO Forum at the United Nations World Conference on Women to record testimonies from women. The letter notes a partnership between Dyke TV and FIRE (Feminist International Radio Endeavor) to also bring recorded testimonies to short wave radio.
  • LC038.jpeg

    A New You: The Laura Grey Way, hosted by John Cox and Laura Grey, is a weekly radio show that talks about beauty, skincare, and health. In this two-part recoding, the hosts are interviewing Betty Morales, the president of the Cancer Control Society. These episodes specifically focus on the idea of cancer as a nutritional deficiency condition, with Morales promoting the use of Laetrile, also know amygdalin, as a way to 'control' cancer in patients. However, the FDA has never given approval for laetrile to be used in the United States.
  • 01 SPW 1873 - The Michaelangelo Signorile Show - July 20, 2003.mp3

    Episode of the Michelangelo Signorile Show on Sirius OutQ which aired July 20, 2003 in which have Ruth Berman and Connie Kurtz to talk about their life and new film “Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in the House.” At the beginning of the episode, they also talk about other people they are having on the show.

    Ruth and Connie's interview starts at 10:55 and ends at 30:30. They discuss their Cotello Towers neighbohood where they met when they were both married and young mothers. There they started the "Mother's Action Committe" within their community. They talk about their own internalized homophobia at the beginning of their relaionship and their fear that they would have been found out, and the transition to feeling comfortable with themselves and their sexuality. They discuss their lawsit with the New York City Board of Education for Domestic Partnership Benifits and their apperance on the Donahue Show in 1988. 

    They take questions from callers which relate to being lesbian and Jewish, the community they have found there, and the importance for others around the country to find similar communities, or to create them. 

    After Ruth + Connie's interview the hosts discuss a NYC teen, Natalie Young, who is sueing her teacher for harasmeent over comments made about the teenagers shirt that said "Barbie is a Lesbian"and other LGBT current events.
  • 01 SPW 1868 Rose Jordan Radio 1984 - #1.mp3

    This episode of "The Lesbian Radio Show" on WBAI is an interview of Ruth Berman and Connie Kurtz by Rose Jordan. The women discuss the importance of Coming Out, the adverse reactions people might have to that news, and the reaction that one might have to their own Coming Out. They talk about working on themselves and about how doing the inner work of acceptance makes it easier for them to live in a society that might not fully accept them. Ruthie and Connie share about their practice of Co-Counseling, in which people can provide emotional support for each other by deep listing. They discuss self esteem, pride, shame, and the connection between emotion and the health of our physical bodies. They encourage people to seek help should they need it.

    Ruth and Connie discuss issues with unprocessed trauma and how being triggered can cause a trauma response, unconditional love and the importance of not weaponizing love, and take calls from listeners. They talk about upcoming workshops and counseling that they offer.

    Songs played during the show include "I Am What I Am" by Gloria Gaynor and "She" by Holly Near
  • RadioFreeWomen_InterviewWithSingerCrisWilliamson.jpg

    Cris Williamson talks about her music and plays some songs on guitar.

    Note: The tape suffers from water damage which has made parts difficult to hear and which causes some drop-outs.
  • TimelessTeachingsofTarot.jpg

    John Cox introduces a radio show on KCRW in which psychic Tamara Hearsay [sp?] gives an astrological forecast for Aries and answers letters from the audience.
  • WomensBusinessesMaster_1.jpg

    An episode of Radio Free Women in which four businesswomen discuss their work. Interviewees include (but are not limited to) Susan Sojourner of First Things First, a fe-mail order house for books for women and Sue Sasser, an auto mechanic.
  • DrunkTape_1.jpg

    Radio Free Women episode about "class and culture and how it applies to the women's movement". Opens with "Good Morning Heartache" by Diana Ross. Actual audio is an interview of performing duo. A majority of the audio is consists of casual conversation amongst friends.
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  • LearningToFly_01.jpeg

    This is a Radio Free Women episode about women and alcohol, including topics such as the societal pressures that might cause women to drink excessively. The different topics are also combined with the following songs: "Lilac Wine" by Nina Simone, "Red Wine" at Noon by Joy of Cooking, "Broke Down Girl" by Buffy Saint-Maire, "Shake Sugaree" by Elizabeth Cotten, "Leftover Wine" by Melanie, "Sunday Morning Coming Down" by Lynn Anderson, "Sweet Blindness" by Laura Nyro, and "Bye, Bye Baby" by Big Brother & The Holding Company & Janis Joplin. Nikki Giovanni's "All I Gotta Do" is also included.
  • OldRFWandRCC.jpg

    Opens with "Reasons" by Minnie Riperton and goes into an advertisement for Sophie's Parlor. A version of the advertisement repeats but is a blooper/is incomplete. Following this, another version of the advertisement plays. Includes sped-up song and an unknown ad, as well as "Check Out Your Mind" by Chaxayn.
  • WomensMusicNetwork_1.jpg

    Interview with Kay Gardner, executive director and co-founder of the Women's Music Network, and Lou Crimmins, performer. 1974 production of the Feminist Radio Network. Discussion of the nonprofit Women Music Network's ideals and operations supporting women in the music industry. including Lavender Jane.
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