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LHA Daughters of Bilitis Video Project: Audio Recordings, 1971-1988


LHA Daughters of Bilitis Video Project: Audio Recordings, 1971-1988


This assortment of digitized tapes from the DOB Video Project includes interviews, musical and comedy performances, and reminiscences from a memorial service. The audio collection also includes a set of recordings of feminist activist Ti Grace Atkinson, which are collected under "DOB Atkinson Tapes."

Collection Items

  • Shirley Willer side 2.wav.mp3

    This is a recording of Shirley Willer talking about her life. She talks about her experience with men, her experience as being labeled a lesbian, coming out to family and friends, how she discovered the existence of homosexual organizations through ONE Magazine, discrimination, the DOB, her initial expectations when first joining the organization, becoming chapter president, duties and achievements as president, conflicts surrounding the DOB, her decision to step down as chapter president, and the dissolution of DOB.
    Marion Glass is recorded as well. She talks about her relationship with women, joining the Mattachine Society, and about DOB’s activist approach.
  • Cassew Live Sagaris.wav.mp3

    This sound recording captures a live music performance. The audience sings and claps along to several traditional American folk songs including "Down in the Valley to Pray".
  • Seed_Tape_Series_1_Stella Rush_B.wav.mp3

    Stella Rush records a live standup performance of a western comedian. She is continuing her “letter” to Morgan at home. She talks of various things: cartoons, her cat, her grandmother Elizabeth “Lizzie” Dietrich, how she was named Stella, wonders what may happen to the recording, her personalities John and Elizabeth, her parents, Del and Phil, and offers words of advice. Throughout the recording she coughs due to asthma. The recording is suddenly cut off at the end.
  • Seed_Tape_Series_1_Stella Rush_A.wav.wav.mp3

    A woman named Stella Rush records a tape for Morgan while she’s driving. She discusses her life, recent personal events, her hopes for the future, and her current worries. She talks about Sandy in the hospital, her personalities John and Keith, sings a song (“The Gambler”), and mentions sleeping difficulty. She continues to talk about cancer groups, AA and ALA meetings, and imaginary scenarios. The recording is suddenly cut off at the end.
  • [2014SP]Memorial Service Helen J. Sandoz 7-19-87 (side B).mp3

    This is a continuation of the memorial service for Helen J. Sandoz. Various friends read scripture and share stories of how Helen J. Sandoz has touched their lives.
  • [2014SP]re honesty ends helplesness side b.mp3

    This tape was recorded November 14th and is a continuation of a previous recording. She discusses an accident and an encounter with her sponser.
  • [2014SP]Sanders Interview.mp3

    This tape contains an interview with Helen Sanders in her home.
  • [2014SP]Morgan G_B.mp3

    Stella talks about a tape that she created on June 19th of 1987 (Side A) and is grateful for a reunion she recently had with her friends.
  • [2014SP]Morgan G_A.mp3

    A woman records her thoughts while on a road trip and talks about a car accident she had in the past and what it was like to travel through Central City, L.A.
  • [2014SP]11.14.88 dear morgan side a.mp3
  • [2014SP]Sanders Interview Side B.mp3

    An interview with Helen Sanders in her home

    *includes audio from side A
  • [2014SP]Memorial Service Helen J. Sandoz 7-19-87 (side B).mp3

    This tape is a recording from the memorial service for Helen Sandoz on July 19, 1987. The recording is of a religious service for Sandy with various readings from the Bible as well as religious music. After the religious ceremony, friends and loved ones told humorous and moving stories about Sandy.
  • [2014SP]Bachelorettes_SIde_B.mp3

    The sound recording is women singing the old hymn "Down in the River" with the words changed slightly. The rest of the recording is the women singing various songs.
  • [2014SP]Judy_regan_Side_A.mp3

    This tape is a mixed tape of various songs by the queer country singer Judy Regan.
  • [2014SP]RE Honesty Ends Helplessness side b.mp3

    This sound recording is a continuation of a previous tape. The woman on the tape discusses a car accident she was in and various aspects regarding this incident. She goes on to talk about her mother and her upbringing.
  • [2014SP]11.14.88 dear morgan side a.mp3

    An anonymous woman records a tape to send to her friend Morgan. She is excited about Christmas being in a few weeks and carefully tells her stories as to not reveal the identities of friends who do not want to be named.
  • [2014SP]Morgan #1 Stello Rush Side B.mp3

    seamless continuation from side "Tape to Morgan from Stella Rush" Side A

  • [2014SP]Morgan #1 Stello Rush Side A.mp3

    A woman named Stella Rush records a tape for Morgan. She discusses her life and her struggles, and how recording tapes for others helped her to express herself when she was too depressed to write.

    *mentions nonchalantly at beginning of tape that she won't stop at a Denny's because they once refused her service
  • [2014SP]Letter to Morgan from Stella Rush- June 4,5, 1987.mp3

    Stella talks about reuniting with her old friends and passing the torch to new, young activists. She also discusses her struggle with addiction and how she moved past it.
  • [2014SP]marion_gable_side_b.mp3
  • [2014SP]ForTobybyShirleyloSideA.mp3

    This audio recording discusses the Daughters Of Bilitis New York City chapter. The main voice on the recording is a woman who was elected national president. She talks about her time as national president during the start of the Womens Rights movement. The recording discusses the success of the New York City Chapter and the new role they were playing in the Womens Rights movement.
  • [2014SP]Letter to Morgan from Stella Rush Side B.mp3

    This is a continuation of a previous audio recording. The recording is taken in a car ride and it is a letter for Morgan. She discusses her daily routine.
  • [2014SP]workshop 4.20.71 #4.mp3

    The recording is from a workshop from April 20, 1971. The women are having an open discussion on honesty and trust within the group. The talk about how they feel about each other and how they handle being in Daughters of Bilitis.
  • [2014SP]Letter to Morgan from Stella Rush side A.mp3

    This audio recording is discussing her issue with addiction and alcoholism. She opens up about having good people by her side in these hard times.
  • [2014SP]workshop 2.18.71 #3.mp3

    This audio recording talks about activism and oppression within the lesbian community. The workshop is a group of women discussing their feelings and experiences with being oppressed as women in society, especially as lesbians.

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