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Stella Stone, April, 1978 (Tape 1)

Stella describes growing up in a broken home, and having to take on a lot of responsibilities. Explains her curiosity in women as she got older. Later, she discusses how her bisexuality made her feel different than everyone.

Bonnie, June 9, 1984 (Tape 2)

Bonnie discusses rules of conduct within the lesbian community, including domestic violence, beginning and ending relationships, identifying as butch or femme, and domestic roles. Other topics include prostitution with women and men, bisexuality,…

DJ, January 6, 1980 (Tape 3)

Side A: DJ continues her interview from tape SPW513. She finishes discussing her romantic relationships then moves on to discuss gay literature, specifically The Well of Loneliness. The topic of workplace discrimination is mentioned. DJ discusses…

Buff, September 23, 1979

Talks about dating a prostitute, lesbian prostitutes, lesbians and butches having sex with men, lesbian pregnancy, clothing styles,

Dorothy, October 2, 1981 (Tape 2)

Dorothy talks generally of leisure activities, relationships, and sexual relations. She then talks at length about one long-term relationship with Harriette, mentioning their business, break up, life-long friendship, and Harriettes other…

Judy T., 1979 (Tape 2)

Judy discusses her views of gay men, including her belief that all so-called gay men are in fact bisexual.