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Pat Helin & Barbara Deming

Pat Helin
Pat Helin is from small town Iowa. She moved to San Francisco in 1965 with her partner, Barbara Deming. Both Helin and Deming became involved with the DOB group in San Francisco and were good friends with Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon. In this interview, Pat discusses her childhood in Iowa, her observations of Del and Phyllis, and her experience with DOB. 

Barbara Deming 
Like Pat Helin, Barbara Deming is from small town Iowa. She lived in San Francisco from 1953-1957 before moving back to Iowa. In 1965, she moved to San Francisco with Pat Helin. In this interview, Barbara discusses her troubled childhood, meeting Del Lyon, and her lifelong friendship with Del and Phyllis. -From Deming, B. & Helin, P. (1987, May 10). [Pat Helin & Barbara Deming, Tape 1 of 2, MV-9]. Daughters of Bilitis Video Project Collection, Lesbian Herstory Archives, Brooklyn, NY.