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Judith Schwarz, Joan Nestle & Deborah Edel

Judith Schwarz
Judith Schwarz is a pioneering grassroots lesbian historian. She joined LHA in 1978, and discovered DOB in the mid 1960s. 

Joan Nestle 
From Joan Nestle's website: "Born in the Bronx, NYC in 1940 to a widowed Jewish mother, came out as a fem in the working class bars of Greenwich Village in the late 1950s, protested the HUAC, the Vietnam War... demonstrated for women's rights including abortion and Gay Liberation. In 1973 became co-founder of the LHA, in 1979 started writing erotic stories and in 1982 ran afoul fo the anti-pornography movement, thus becoming a fervent pro-sex activist. In 1966 I started teaching writing in the SEEK Program at Queens College and did not stop until cancer forced me to retire in 1995." 

Deborah Edel
Deborah Edel was Joan Nestle's former partner. She co-founded  the LHA and has been a Coordinator there for 40 years. She retired as Director of Admissions at the Mary McDowell Friends School. She was a Historical Consultant for the documentary Before Stonewall.