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Marion Zimmer Bradley

Marion Zimmer Bradley was born June 3, 1930 in New York State. She was a science fiction writer and contributed many articles to The Ladder, including a review of Jeannette Howard Foster's Sex Variant Women in Literature. In this interview, Bradley discusses her childhood and her relationships. She describes what it was like to contribute to a lesbian publication while escaping her husband's notice and the difficulties she faced as a lesbian mother fighting for child custody rights.

-From Bradley, M. Z. (1988, Oct. 17). [Marion Zimmer Bradley 10-17-88, DV-45]. Daughters of Bilitis Video Project Collection, Lesbian Herstory Archives, Brooklyn, NY. & Gallo, M. (2006). Different daughters: A history of the Daughers of Bilitis and the rise of the lesbian rights movement. New York: Carroll & Graf.