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Martha Shelley: Other Audio Recordings, 1978-2020 [bulk 1978]


Martha Shelley: Other Audio Recordings, 1978-2020 [bulk 1978]


Martha Shelley (b. 1943) is best known for her involvement in lesbian feminist activism. After college, Shelley joined the Daughters of Bilitis, a lesbian civil and political rights organization, eventually becoming president of the New York chapter. Shelley was one of the early members of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF), established immediately after the Stonewall Riots and which advocated for LGBT and minority rights. Additionally, Shelley wrote for several publications and was an avid advocate for civil rights and the pro-choice movement.

Martha Shelley: Other Audio Recordings includes recordings believed to be part of the donation from Martha Shelley when she donated the recordings from her radio program Lesbian Nation.

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    This recording is the second part of a keynote address by Catherine Simpson & Jonathan Katz titled “Constructing a History of Power & Sexuality”. The recording of the first part is unavailable; upon digitization it was found that the tape itself was blank, possibly due to user error at the time of recording or from being erased. It consists of a question & answer session with discussion of power from an interpersonal perspective up to a governmental, political level. Psychology and energy, both labor and libido are elaborated on, as well as the impact and ramifications of the Women's Liberation Movement & Gay Liberation Movement on society.
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    This recording features thoughts on feminist credit unions by an unidentified speaker covering topics from the buercratic procedures and structure needed to create and run them, the ethical decisions on how to allocate loans given limited funding and importance of preserving their history.
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    This recording of the “Women’s Showcase” is the first of three from the NYU hosted event, Women Against Rape. This part features performances & poetry from Nina Miller, Lee Van De Velde, Alice McIntyre and music from Jazz pianist Esther Blue & singer Kathy Rose Salat.
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    This recording of the “Women’s Showcase” is the second part of three from the NYU hosted event, Women Against Rape. The opening of the recording features the conclusion of Alice McIntyre’s poetry reading. This part features poetry read by Daniella Guiseppe, Davita Singer and Margie Fine and a comic autobiographical story from Karen Mendelsohn. There are also musical performances by Rosemary Mclaughlin and a self composed piano piece from Elieen Kane, a WBAI radio host.
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    This recording of the “Women’s Showcase” is the third part of three from the NYU hosted event, Women Against Rape. Ellyn Joyce the author of the poetry book “Instinct for Survival” reads selected poems from her own work. Before each reading Ellyn offers a little insight into what inspired her. At the end of the recording she discusses her work at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and advocates for better treatment of the women imprisoned there.
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    On November 7th 2020, MSLIS students Julia Rosenzweig, Tiffany Chan, and Sadie Hope-Gund conducted an interview with Martha Shelley on behalf of Pratt Institute School of Information and the Lesbian Herstory Archives. Martha was the producer of the 1970’s radio show Lesbian Nation, the tapes of which have been preserved in digital format on this website. The interview was recorded remotely from Brooklyn and Portland, and the covered topics regarded: her personal history, activism, and work on Lesbian Nation.

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