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LHA Daughters of Bilitis Video Project: Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, Tape 3 of 4, May 9, 1987

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon discuss DOB's National Conventions. They are interviewed by Manuela Soares.

Bonnie, June 9, 1984 (Tape 2)

Bonnie discusses rules of conduct within the lesbian community, including domestic violence, beginning and ending relationships, identifying as butch or femme, and domestic roles. Other topics include prostitution with women and men, bisexuality,…

DJ, January 6, 1980 (Tape 2)

DJ discusses her early experiences with women as a teenager, her feelings of being a tomboy, and her coming out experience. She discusses her experiences in the bar scene in Buffalo in the 1950s, and describes ways in which women would interact with…