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History of New York Lesbian Style Oral History Project, 2007


History of New York Lesbian Style Oral History Project, 2007


The History of New York Lesbian Style collection is an oral history project created by Alaina Zulli in 2007. Zulli was a NYU graduate student studying fashion history at the time and was working with the oral history collection as a student employee at Tamiment Library. This motivated her to document changes in New York City’s Lesbian culture as expressed in fashion through the personal accounts of women who identify as a lesbian.

This collection includes four audio recordings of interviews conducted by Zulli, digitized from CD-R by students at Pratt Institute’s Library and Information Science Program. The original materials are held in off-site storage by the Lesbian Herstory Archives.

Transcriptions were made by Amelia Leventhal, Marissa Moxley, and Sophia Santaniello.




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