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Lambda Legal Forum, 1982


Lambda Legal Forum, 1982


Lambda Legal was established on October 18, 1973 and is the oldest and largest organization dedicated to litigating gay rights claims. Lambda has won precedent setting civil rights cases including trials related to marriage equality, gender expression, and health care discrimination.

Lambda Legal Forum 4 took place on October 28, 1982 and depicts a panel discussion between Lambda Executive Director Rosalyn Richter and CUNY Law School professor and Center for Constitutional Rights attorney Rhonda Copelon moderated by New York University Professor of Constitutional Law and Legal Philosophy David A.J. Richards. Discussion topics include the Supreme Court’s 1980 decision in Harris v. McCrae related to Medicaid coverage of abortion, arguments to challenge criminal sodomy laws, and how to advance the custody and visitation rights of lesbian and gay parents.


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    This video depicts a panel discussion between Rosalyn Richter, the then Executive Director and attorney for Lambda Legal, and Rhonda Copelon, the then an attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights and law professor at CUNY Law School moderated by David A.J. Richards, a teacher of Constitutional Law and Legal Philosophy at NYU School of Law .

    The speakers discuss values and gay rights issues through the context of individual choice versus choice that brings harm. Richter and Copelon discuss and answer questions about Roe v. Wade and housing for queer youth. The video then cuts to a document entitled "Anti Gay Legislation: an Attempt to Sanction Inequality." An individual then holds up a Lambda document entitled “Court Approves Gay Adoption.”

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