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    In this program there is a discussion on the earliest myths on the creation of the universe, and goddess creation myths. There is a discussion of ancient matriarchal culture, and its survival as wicca/witchcraft. It pays homage to women who were hanged under accusations of witchcraft. The goddess is synonymous with gynocracy, and women participate in the divine.
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    Part 1 of a reading of a letter by Jane Alpert titled Mother Right that discusses Jane Alpert's life in the Weather Underground for three years. The letter is split into two parts: an open letter to women activists to leave the left movement to radical feminism and a call to action to build a matriarchy. The episode references rape, emotional manipulation and sexism performed by members of the Weather Underground and the left.
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    Martha reads a response letter originally published in "Off Our Backs" from the women of Weather Underground in reply to Jane Alpert's letter. This letter references topics including the bridge between the radical feminism movement and the left, the divisions in the women's movement, and the ideals of the organization. [Music from Bali]
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