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    Bonnie discusses the lesbian community in which she came out and lived during the 1960s. She describes the difference of experience for butch and femme lesbians in public during this time, the roles butches and femmes play within relationships, and the social expectations involved. Other topics include Bonnie's lesbian mother, alcoholism, lesbian bars, Bonnie becoming actively gay at Catholic school, her way of flirting, and monogamy and infidelity within the lesbian community.
  • Jade Martner Part 1.MOV

    In this oral history conducted by the Rossmoor Lesbian Social Club, Jade Martner discusses her discusses her coming out process, both to herself at age 15, and to her mom when she was 17 which led to Jade being kicked out of the house. Moving to the Bay Area in 1988 from Arizona and finding a women’s group and community with the Palo Alto Lesbian Rap Group and in Lesbian Bars. Her work in IT management and being a Lesbian in a professional setting and starting an LGBTQ resource group at her company.
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