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  • Straight Talk About Lesbians.jpeg

    An educational film strip about lesbian women in which several speak frankly about who they are, as well as their culture and history. Features women discussing their experiences, histories, and perspectives as lesbians, including coming out and living in a homophobic society. Also features discussions with children about their experiences having lesbian parents, as well as with the parents of lesbians. Notable is the discussion of lesbian music, with many songs played throughout.

    Video restoration created by digitizing two filmstrips and accompanying cassette tape and assembling through computer video editing program.
  • b626ea65920aa0fe81ae036b55d8ea95.png

    Alix Dobkin sings a collection of her songs at an unknown location. The uploaded file has been cropped due to Fair Use restrictions. Full file available to view at Lesbian Herstory Archives.
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