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Dyke TV Segments

Dyke TV followed a magazine format, meaning that each thirty minute episode was comprised of several recurring segments that covered a variety of themes. Segments available here include “I Was a Lesbian Child,” a segment that aimed to normalize lesbian life stories; “The Arts,” which spotlighted lesbian artistic endeavors, such as the interview with filmmaker Maria Maggenti; “From the Archives,” in which producers partnered with the Lesbian Herstory Archives to highlight moments in lesbian history; and “Eyewitness,” a featured news story, as seen in the World AIDS Day segment. The content available here is a small selection of the Lesbian Herstory Archives collection relating to Dyke TV; more segments are available to view on site at the Archives in Brooklyn. 

In these interview excerpts, Dyke TV co-founder and producer Mary Patierno describes the ideas behind some of the show segments featured in Dyke TV programs. A complete recording of the interview and transcript can be found on the Mary Patierno Interview page.