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LHA Daughters of Bilitis Video Project: Marilyn Lamkay, 1987


LHA Daughters of Bilitis Video Project: Marilyn Lamkay, 1987


Marilyn Lamkay is a politically active resident of East Hampton, New York, and a former assistant professor and student counselor at Bronx Community College. Lamkay was a member of the board of the National Gay Task Force in the 1980s and was a founding member of the East End Gay Organization. In a newsletter dating to 2008, Lamkay says of herself, “I was an activist long before becoming a feminist.”

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    Marliyn Lamkay is interviewed in New York City in 1987 (it seems to continue from a previous video and is perhaps continued in another video). She talks about being a lesbian in New York and coming out to her family and professionally, her relationships and religious beliefs. She discusses lesbian roles and how she didn't fit into any of the existing roles, even in the DOB community. She discusses community building and CR groups when she was younger and how she went on to hold workshops about resources for gay and lesbian New Yorkers at Bronx Community College. She mentions New YorkDOB meetings and the influence that DOB had in the creation of subsequent lesbian groups and communities.

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