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L.U.S.T. Conference, 1992


L.U.S.T. Conference, 1992


The L.U.S.T (Lesbians Undoing Sexual Taboos) conference was held at New York University School of Law Greenberg Lounge on Saturday, November 7, 1992. The first ever L.U.S.T. conference, with two hundred women in attendance, consisted of various workshops on the topic of sexuality which promoted sex positivity and allowed for attendees to explore various sexual topics and interests.

A series of conferences about sex and sexual practices in lesbian and gay communities, the conference was co-sponsored by the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center and the Lesbian and Gay Law Students of NYU. This L.U.S.T. conference dealt exclusively with lesbian sex, relationships, and other issues related to health and sexual practices. Speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds and sexual experience and ranged from ages 15 to 75.

The idea for the L.U.S.T. conference emerged from a panel discussion on lesbian sex which inspired several New York-based lesbian activists to pursue further discussions on this subject. Together these women brainstormed and called more than 50 other women in the New York area. A group of political activists, community organizers, performance artists, writers, and other professionals got together to form a broad-based and multi-cultural organizing committee.

Conference participants (partial list):
Sabrina Sojourner, Ronnie Billini, Linda Gang, Chris Martin, Sara Diamond, Leota Lone Dog, Terry Maroney, Martha Stark, Julie Tolentino, Kate Borenstein, Leslie Feinberg, Marjorie Hill, Dell Williams, Susan Allee, Rita Malonzo, Yvette Burton, Cynthia Acevedo, Louise Rafkin, Jewelle Gomez, Joan Nestle, Alice Spears, Ama Lewis, Annie Sprinkle, Jacquie Bishop, Sonia Lopez, Nima Eshghi, Rachel Efron, Nancy Irwin, Sandra Lara, Dolores Perez, Amber Hollibaugh

Planning Committee Members:
Cynthia Acevedo, Kathy Acey, Nan Buzard, Chiqui Cartagena, Cathay Che, Amber Hollibaugh, Sandra Lara, Ama Lewis, Pam Lotenberg, Kay Mackey, Alice O’Malley, Dolores Perez, Catherine Saalfield, Alice Spears, Victoria Starr, Jocelyn Taylor

Fiscal Sponsor:
Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, 208 West 13 Street, New York, NY 10011

The L.U.S.T. conference videos contain sensitive material. To view the videos, please reach out to the Lesbian Herstory Archives.

L.U.S.T. Conference (1992). L.U.S.T. Conference for Women [Brochure]. New York: Tower Press.




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