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Straight Talk About Lesbians, 1980


Straight Talk About Lesbians, 1980


A didactic resource in which various lesbian women speak frankly about identity, culture, and history. Features women discussing their experiences, and perspectives as lesbians, including coming and being "out" in homophobic environments. Also features discussions with the children and parents of lesbians surrounding their thoughts on having lesbian parents or children. Notable is the discussion of lesbian music, with many songs played throughout.

"The first media presentation about lesbians and, pretty much, gay people at all... And nobody was really doing that until that point in time" - Debra Chasnoff of GroundSpark (formerly Women’s Educational Media), Director of later episodes of "Straight Talk About Lesbians"

Sources: GrouchoReviews, http://grouchoreviews.com/interviews/263


Lizabeth R. Diamond



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