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Women's Press Collective audio recordings, circa 1970s


Women's Press Collective audio recordings, circa 1970s


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The Women’s Press Collective (WPC) was established in 1969 in Oakland, CA It emerged from the Gay Women’s Liberation Group (GWLG), the first feminist-lesbian collective on the west coast. Two of the Collective’s founding members were Judy Grahn, and her partner and illustrator, Wendy Cadden. The press operated out of the basement of GWLG’s bookstore, A Woman’s Place, located at 5251 Broadway in downtown Oakland. The WPC was an all-women press devoted to printing works by women given the growing demand for materials about lesbianism, feminism, and the women's perspective. One of the first works printed by the collective was Judy Grahn's Edward the Dyke and Other Poems.


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