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San Francisco Lesbian History Project discusses Buffalo lesbian bars in the 1950's, 1981 February 24 (Tape 1)

Side A:

Discussion on the social issues in the Lesbian communinity bar and nightlife scene in Buffalo, NY during the 1950s.

Side B:

Continuation of side A. Only 2 minutes of side B used in original recording.

LHA Daughters of Bilitis Video Project: Del Martin, Phyllis Lyon, and Nina Kaiser, Tape 4 of 4, May 12, 1987

Both Del Martin and Nina Kaiser discuss the end of DOB in 1970. Del also touches upon her name and Nina Kaiser touches upon her first lesbian relationship at 19, her involvement with the Navy and her involvement with the National Organization for…

LHA Daughters of Bilitis Video Project: Edith Eyde, Tape 2 of 2, October 25, 1988

Edith Eyde continues to discuss her experiences in California, interacting with others who were vested in the same interests surrounding lesbian culture, and being proactive in literature and the arts.

LHA Daughters of Bilitis Video Project: Edith Eyde, Tape 1 of 2, October 25, 1988

Edith Eyde talks about her life growing up in rural southern California, moving to Los Angelos and discovering the lesbian culture there. She discusses publishing Vice Versa, one of the first lesbian magazines, and her music career.

Lou, October 21, 1981 (Tape 2)

Lou discusses her experience raising children as a lesbian woman, discussing at length her love of children, and wanting them to have a better life then she did. She also discusses her experience with police harassment as both a black women, and a…
Andy, 1982, April 20.jpg

Andy, April 20, 1982

Andy further discusses how she came to construct her butch image. She recalls getting into fights with men and having to give up good jobs because she refused to give up her queer image and identity. She discusses her clash with a teacher when she…

Debra, February 20, 1980 (Tape 1)

Debra discusses her experiences as a lesbian. She talks about her first lesbian relationship when she was 12, how she was married for one day, how her mother knew something was different about her, and how her sister figured out she was a lesbian…

Cheryl, October 4, 1978 (Tape 1)

Side A: Cheryl discusses her experiences and the stereotypes that were associated with lesbians in college when she first first came out.
Side B: Cheryl discusses her relationships, including sexual relationships and partnerships. She shares her…
SPW518_Lou + Jane.JPG

Lou + Jane, November 8, 1981 (Tape 3)

The interviewee discusses the time she considered getting a sex change. She talks about religion. At the end she talks about getting respect. There is significant distortion at the end of the tape.

Lou and Jane discuss their sexual relationship…